Swimwear Sizing Charts


Here are your swimwear sizing charts. It is important to realize that swimwear stretches on average 60% and some swimweaer will stretch out to 100%. According to the AAFA American Apparel & Footwear Association, swimwear because of it's design and purpose is made to stretch 30% for a proper fit. This means without that stretch it can't form itself properly to the curves of your body. Made from a blend of Lycra and Nylon this material has a 4-way stretch that does indeed mold itself to most female bodies if worn properly.


One Size items are made with quite a bit of stretch and are ultimately designed for a wide ranges of sizes. Typically this sizing is used in risque or flirty sets that are designed to show off that sexy body of yours. It can indeed be worn on the larger sizes however, it is important to realize that the body composition you possess is important to consider when buying these items.


(in inches)

Size Bust Cup Size
XX-Small 24 - 28 0-A
X-Small 28 - 30 A-B
Small 30 - 34 B
Medium 34-36 B-C cup
Large 36-38 C cup
D-cup 38-40 D
DD-cup 40-44 D-DD
DD-cup 44+ DD

Metric conversion: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

Size Hips Pants Size
X-Small 22 - 24 0- 1
Small 24 - 28 2- 3
Medium 30 - 34 3 - 5
Large 36- 40 6 - 8
X-Large 39 - 43 8- 10

If you are between sizes, select the larger size for the best fit. Swimwear fabric can stretch up to 50%.

All sizing based on junior size swimwear